Pressing send on a well thought out e-mail marketing campaign can often feel like dropping in blind to a steep couloir. Take a deep breath, send... and hope for the best.

But unlike skiing or snowboarding, even when you’ve nailed the perfect (subject) line, the end result can still be frustrating. Great e-mail marketing is difficult to execute- and while there is no magic secret to a successful campaign, there is one little trick that is statistically proven to increase open rates, rack up the click-throughs and decrease unsubscribers by a significant margin.

You guessed it- Video.

Throwing any old video in your e-mail just to say you did probably isn’t the best approach. Here are a few things to ensure you are high-fiving your buddies after your next "Big Send".

  1. Include "Video" in your subject line. Research says it increases open rates by 19 percent, increases click-through rates by 65 percent, and decreases unsubscribes by 26 percent.
  2. First Impressions count. Make sure your video is one of the first things people see when they open your e-mail.
  3. Keep it quick. (90 seconds or less)
  4. Tell viewers how to proceed. Drive the viewer to the next step of your marketing campaign using a weblink or a verbal or visual call to action.
  5. Don’t make assumptions. Remember that not every e-mail client supports fully embedded video, and often your subscribers will have images turned off to save data. To make your video playable for as many prospects as possible, insert a thumbnail with a play button on it in your email that is hyperlinked to and external landing page as well as a text link to receive the maximum number of plays.

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