Adventure Brands and the Impact of Video: Part 1- Improving SEO

Adventure Brands and the Impact of Video: Part 1- Improving SEO

So you work in the adventure or action sports industry. What led you down your career path is most likely not a love for analyzing keyword rankings and web search traffic sitting in your cubicle.

It is quite possible that your job is a means to an end- and end that involves getting dirty on a trail, slashing waves at sunset, chalking up your hands at the crag, or getting to the bottom of a powder run with a shit eating grin and snow all over your face.

We are marketers too. We are also adventurers. So we get it. We are on the constant hunt for tips and tools to convert those marketing dollars into actual sales- mostly so we can convince our bosses to give us a raise and double our vacation time so we can really get after it. ;)


This is where video comes in. Not only is producing video content for your brand a good excuse to put on your field producers hat and get outside for a few days- it is an amazing way to convey your brand’s story, vision and values- increase visibility and at the end of the day, sell, sell sell. And so begins our multi-part blog series highlighting all the ways that video can be a win for your brand...


PART 1: VIDEO catches people’s (and more importantly Google’s) attention and IMPROVES YOUR SEO

Moving pictures have a way of sucking us in. Facebook has figured that out with their auto-play feature on videos. How many times have you found yourself watching your friends kid roll around on the floor, or a cat chasing a string before you even realized what you are looking at?

boy-watching-youtube-on-laptop-1 Photo

Insert beautiful imagery, people doing incredible things, or some useful information and that moving picture has the ability to hook even the most discerning audience.

Photo by André Hugo / Unsplash

Capturing website visitors attention with video will ensure that they spend more time engaging with your content. When that content is embedded in your website, this sends an important signal to Google’s Algorithm that will bump you up in the Google ranks.

In fact, the mere presence of video on your site can communicate to search engines that your site contain important information, boosting your ranks. According to Comscore, your chances of a frontpage Google result are increased by 53 times with video on your website.

It is important to note that Google isn’t the only player you should be focussed on when it comes to improving your brand’s searchability. YouTube is currently clocking in as the second biggest search engine on the interweb. More and more consumers these days hit up YouTube for the sole purpose of discovery, whether it’s how-to videos, inspirational videos, information or simple entertainment. If you aren’t putting out regular, relevant content on your YouTube channel, you are missing out on catching potential consumers attention in a big way.

So much content to create, so little time.

The challenge with creating video content is that it’s expensive and time consuming. If you work for a brand with an in-house creative team they probably produce amazing stuff, but as compelling as the stories they create are- nothing stays relevant for long. The brands that are winning are the ones that capture, engage and convert consumers with video and pump it out like nobody’s business. But how can anyone afford the time and budget to churn out videos as fast as they get consumed?

Introducing ChopShop. With our community of talented editors and project coordinators, we can take your brand footage, athlete, ambassador or even customer footage and produce quality, consistent video content for your website and social channels. We offer continuous subscription services that will fit any marketing budget.

The formula is simple: You shoot and upload footage, provide as much or as little direction as you’d like, then we edit and deliver killer videos- as often as you need.

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