Precision Editing in a Pinch

Precision Editing in a Pinch


World’s most famous snowboarding manufacturer taps ChopShop to handle large-scale video production

Stats/Metrics: 82 videos / 35 days

Never Enough Product Content
In July of 2018, Burton contracted ChopShop to edit and produce a series of product info videos for and the @burtonclinic on Instagram.

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Burton had launched the Instagram handle the year prior with a series of videos produced on a cell phone, and was looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution to improve production value given the intention to use on PDP’s.

Too Many Projects, Never Enough Editors
While Burton had the resources, equipment and bandwidth required to film the content in-house, they lacked the depth in terms of editing staff required to handle the production at scale, especially given a deadline of September 1st on top of a long list of marketing content deliverables for the in-house team to handle.

Easy Does It Now
ChopShop was able to take the raw footage supplied on a hard drive as Premiere project files and provide an initial round of templates for general approval within 7 days, followed by two full-rounds of edits to ensure complete satisfaction with the finished product within 30 days.

This included development and implementation of all necessary titles and on-screen graphics. The scope of the project, which initially only included 45 videos, expanded to 82 within a week of kick-off, with no negative impact on final delivery.

Another Successful Outcome
Burton was able to meet a strict deadline on a large number of videos necessary to educate retailers on incoming product and to present a complete offering of information on their website upon launch, without having to shift priorities or bump deadlines on any other content projects.

Burton was so impressed with the ease of the process, quick turnaround on delivery, and quality of work, they followed-up to hire ChopShop to handle all translations and subtitling requirements for global markets.

“Working with ChopShop was really cool. They are super-easy to work with, nailed all our feedback and change requests on the first try, and we couldn’t believe how affordable it was. We’ll definitely be using them again for all kinds of production work.”
- Alex Adrian, Creative Director

Additional Services and key benefits offered:

ChopShop specializes in taking unused footage from brands -- their campaign shoots, sponsored-events, athletes and influencers -- and producing tons of cost-effective social/web content for use on their various owned properties and paid partnerships.

Often, as with the case of Burton, it’s not even the leftovers, it’s footage the brand has shot with intentions of using, but doesn’t have the resources or scale to get the production done.

Additionally, ChopShop has become an expert at converting horizontal video content into compelling vertical content for platforms like Snap and IGTV.

Everything ChopShop offers is flexible, scale-able, and negotiable — there is no project too big, no budget too small — ChopShop can work with anyone and any budget to create content packages that meet their needs, whether on a project-to-project or monthly subscription basis.