World-Class Mountain Biking Event uses pre-existing video footage cut by ChopShop to promote it's events through social media platforms.

The Crankworx World Tour is where mountain biking takes on a life of it's own, showcasing superhuman talent, exciting events and unimaginable passion at various locations around the world.

For the past two years ChopShop has worked with Crankworx to cut footage shot from previous years competitions to create a bank of social media content to share on their various channels leading up to events. The short, high-action videos have a big impact, providing Crankworx organizers with ample fresh content to promote their events outside of competition time as well as  increasing the ROI on footage that they already have.

We caught up with Nina Harmon, Marketing Manager for Crankworx to find out how producing video content specifically for social media has become a valuable part of their event marketing strategy.

How has social media changed the way you promote your events?

The Crankworx social media channels pull a heavy promotional load in the lead up to and during event time. The depth of targeting and engagement we receive from these channels is key to for our exposure, and festival attendance metrics. With shifting social media algorithms and throttled reach we develop content specifically for each channel.

Why is video a valuable tool for promoting events?

Our Facebook audience in particular engages most with video content. So much so that we rarely post anything else for that audience. Because Crankworx content by nature is dynamic and engaging, we opt for short bite-sized clips for Facebook, as they are better performers than a couple of wildly powerful photos.  

What social media platform do you find the most effective for event promotion?

Each platform plays a unique role in festival promotion. We have seen tremendous growth in Instagram Stories and Youtube viewership over the past year. On the paid side, advertising campaigns through Facebook and Instagram remain some of our best performers for driving traffic to our website and ticketing engines.  

What are the biggest obstacles that get in the way of producing continuous social media content?

Outside of event time we don’t often have the opportunity to produce fresh content. Working with our key content producers and video editors have helped to keep our momentum going when we don’t have a heavy volume of messaging.

Where does the content that ChopShop has edited for you come from?(ie was it shot specifically for this purpose, has it been used before?)

Chopshop uses all of our available footage that our production team and media partners create to produce a content bank of edits for each relevant channel.

Chopshop does not create the footage but rather edits down pre-existing content to preferable dimensions, length and subject. As our partnership has evolved we’re now able to illuminate our social media channels with a variety of content year round in various formats. It’s fantastic.

How does re-editing/using existing content add value to your marketing campaign?

If a picture is worth a thousand words imagine what our two hour webcasts and editorial pieces can produce. There are so many stories that evolve during the production of our content that it would be impossible to tell it all in one go. Re-editing content down to small micro-edits makes sharing news, athlete content and announcements much more dynamic.

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