In June this past year, Instagram expanded their app to support longform video with a new app called IGTV. Meaning: mobile-users can now post full-screen, vertical videos up to an hour long, creating a platform that could rival SnapChat and YouTube as a place where people usually post their longer-than-one-minute video content.

The move validates the claim that video content on social media is more prevalent than ever, and strengthens the argument that brands need to start embracing video in their content strategies more than ever and adjusting what they produce to make the most of these new platforms.

There are a few simple things to know if you are just getting started in the IGTV realm and want to make the most of it for your business.

  • You can watch IGTV episodes either in the Instagram App or IGTV standalone app.
  • Videos on IGTV are full screen and vertical- don’t try to post your landscapes videos on here as they will get cropped and your viewers will miss out on key action.
  • Videos can have “Swipe Up” call to actions embedded on them, which can be utilized to achieve actual conversions direct from your posts.
  • Compelling videos drive user engagement, users can like, comment and share videos with their friends.
  • Eventually IGTV will be monetized, although details haven’t been released fully to the public. For brands, this means a chance at recouping some of the initial investment in content through pre-roll or mid-roll ads.

As with all social media platforms, the early adopters tend to benefit the most- so don't get left behind on the IGTV train.

To gain traction and have success on IGTV it is important to re-assess your current video content strategy. Things have changed rapidly over the past few months in the social media world and it is possible that you have video assets that were created for YouTube or Facebook and you want to make sure they are optimized for IGTV. You may also want to create content that can be used across all platforms, and don’t want to just stick to vertical. Don’t despair, ChopShop specializes in 9:16 video conversions- meaning we can take your existing horizontally shot and edited content and optimize it for IGTV no problem.

Get in touch with us to get your vertical conversion project started today.